90 Day Transformation & Being Fabulous Over Forty.


I truly love what I do. Helping women re-discover the best version of themselves at any age over 40. Let's face it, getting old is down right scary, and you start to wonder where the time went, your 401k looks like the next big horror movie, the kids are just about ready yo leave the nest or already gone, you start feeling depressed and lonely and then you look in the mirror to see you've gained 20 pounds and things aren't in the same places they were twenty years ago. This is where I come in.

Did you know the foods you may be eating, might be what's making you feel sick, bloated, low energy, causing sleepless nights and making you gain weight? I know, your saying "What". Did you also know that if you suffer from diabetes or Hypertension your diet must change. Medication alone will not help. This is where I help you get healthy, start feeling energized, rejuvenated and actually look forward to start living the next big chapter of your life.

I hate to break this news to you, but there is no one size fits all program, and the ones out there on the market stating so, really only help a few. My mission is to help men and women stop making themselves miserable after failing with diet after diet after diet after diet and instead, learn how to live and eat clean delicious foods, lose weight and NEVER use the word "DIET" again. Remember, what you eat is a LIFESTYLE and "NOT" a diet. Let me show you, how you can have the happy fulfilling life you truly deserve.




Hi! I'm Laura.

Thanks so much for stopping by. 

I've met so many people who have struggled with the yo-yo hormones, an under-active thyroid, having all their energy depleted after a long day at work,  hit the grocery store for something quick and easy to feed the family, or plop their butts on the couch and eat takeout. You lose track of time and avoiding the gym like the flu. Your stress levels are high and getting a good night sleep is just about impossible. I bet you can relate to one or all of these things. 

Maybe your dealing with diabetes or Hypertension. If you are, I can help you with your struggles, meal plans getting your Glucose, A1C and High Blood pressure under control. This just happens to be my specialty!

As a health and wellness coach, I help women to find the right foods for their body vs the wrong foods that make you feel full, bloated, moody and uncomfortable. Did you know if your taking certain medication, there are certain foods you should avoid.

Let me teach you how you can make small changes in your eating and lifestyle that allows you to achieve your health and wellness goals and get your dancing hormones under control. Sure, change is scary but can you truthfully tell yourself your happy in your current situation? If you can, Great! if not, then I can show you how to embrace small changes with BIG results and still feel safe in your comfort zone.  (Let’s discover the Why underneath the Why).

One thing you must understand, is every single person on this earth is unique. There is no one size fits all program. My deepest desire is helping you discover what works just for you and to help you break free from habits that are keeping you from living the life you were meant to truly live. 

Are you ready to start experiencing more energy, more clarity of mind, and shed excess weight, without restrictive diets? Are you ready to stop overeating and start living a more exciting life? Are you ready to finally take charge of your life and be the best version of yourself?  I’d love to help. I offer a FREE 60 Minute Discovery Session in person or on the phone. This is where we talk about your struggles, your goals and your desires. I share with you how I can help and then we decide together if we are a good fit to work with each other. 

My programs are very affordable and I do offer payment plans if needed. Do something awesome for yourself. If you have kids or grand kids, isn't it important for you to be healthy so you can enjoy them and be around for a long time. I'm sure they would say "YES". 

So now your asking "How can Laura help me? 

The first step is to contact me so we can set up a free consultation to discuss your health concerns and goals, and I’ll tell you how my programs can help and to make sure we are a good fit for working together. I'm honest, If I can't help you, there is no need to go further. Please note that no health advice is given during this introductory call. I’ll listen to your symptoms and concerns, ask you some questions, and discuss my programs and process with you.

I work with women via phone, video or in person so you can benefit from my services no matter where you are located. 

In my practice as a health coach, I help you uncover the underlying causes of your health challenges so we can fix the root of the problem. I specialize in addressing four very specific areas.

  • Weight loss
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Diabeties
  • Hypertension

My simple approach goes beyond your nutrition to address the whole person, and we determine the underlying causes of your health conditions rather than simply addressing the symptoms. If you could correct an issue by just changes foods, wouldn't that be great!

Our consultation goes far deeper than improving your diet. I also examines your lifestyle, sleep, exercise and your sources of stress.

About Me

I'm a Wife, a Mom of three and a Memaw of 6 grand kids. I love to cook and enjoy good food, fresh brewed coffee in the morning, hiking, photography and spending time with my family and friends. When time allows, I take my motorcycle out for a ride and enjoy riding through the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. I've also been in Corporate Accounting for 35 years. I'm a board certified (AADP) health and wellness coach and received my certification from the Health Coach Institute. I am so passionate about helping people feel good in their bodies and in their minds.


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